3 Pests That Can Bite You This Summer

Nothing’s better than going for a walk, lounging on the patio, or having a barbecue on a lovely, summer day. As great as summer is, there’s one major downside to spending your time outside — pests. While all pests can be an annoyance, summer pests take the cake because they have the tendency to bite!



You might not always feel a mosquito land on you in order to suck your blood, but you’ll notice that it happened the next day when you have an itchy bite. To prevent having itchy bites (and the the threat of transmitted diseases), try to remove any standing water from your property. Gutters, planters, ditches, and anything else than can hold pooled water will attract mosquitoes as this is their usual breeding grounds. Consider using citronella candles or torches on your patio to help keep these blood suckers away.


When you spend time in tall grass, wooded areas, and near any vegetation, your chances of getting bit by a tick increase. Being bit by a tick is a serious concern because they can carry and transfer diseases such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a multitude of other tick-borne illnesses. Always inspect your body (and your pets) after being outside in grass or wooded areas. If you happen to find a tick, slowly pull it off of you with tweezers in a straight motion until it’s buried head pops out.

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs aren’t necessarily a summertime pest, cases involving them increase during this season due to increased travel. Not everyone will notice they have a bed bug infestation right away because their bites won’t always turn become red and inflamed. To ensure you never become infested with bed bugs, always inspect your vacation room and bed, keep your luggage off of the floor, and go through your luggage and clothing before unpacking when you return from your trip. If you identify a single bed bug, contact your local pest control company immediately to prevent an infestation.

Summertime comes with fun in the sun, but it also brings a new set of pests that love to bite! When your home or property becomes infested with bed bugs or ticks, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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