3 Pests That Can Ruin Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a day where family and friends can get together to eat and relax without having a worry in the world. Unfortunately, the increased amount of food won’t just attract more people, but pests as well. Here are a few pests that can turn Thanksgiving into a nightmare.


Bringing plate after plate of food from the kitchen to the dining room can end with a spill or two. Even just one piece of stuffing that ends up in the corner of the room can be a magnet for ants. All it takes is for one ant to find a food source and an entire army will be alerted in no time thanks to their trusty pheromones. Make sure your post-meal cleaning is swift and thorough.

Mice are always looking for food and shelter, especially when the cold weather arrives. Make sure that your home is free of any cracks or holes that can give entrance to these pests. The scents coming from your home during this week will attract mice, which is why you should also make sure that all food scraps are properly disposed of. Utilize scented garbage bags and place all trash in a garbage can with a secured lid.

Bed Bugs
Spending time with friends and family is what makes Thanksgiving such a special day. However, if you’re staying over someone’s house for the holiday, make sure you inspect your room for bed bugs. Check the mattress, bed frame, carpeting, linens, etc. and make sure you place your bag on a desk or nightstand. Since bed bugs don’t discriminate who they infest, even your closest friends and family members can have an infestation — no matter how clean they might be.

When Thanksgiving arrives you should be worried about spending quality time with loved ones, not about pests that could be lurking around each corner. When you fear your home may have an infestation, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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