4 Types of Stinging and Venomous Ants

Ants are usually viewed as harmless creatures that live underground and away from humans. Unfortunately, ants can be a bit more bothersome than most think.

There are many different types of ants; some that find shelter in void spaces in homes, with others nesting outside in front and backyards.

While most ants do nest outside, they can still be a nuisance as well as dangerous.

Allegheny Mound Ants

The Allegheny Mound Ant is one of the most dangerous field ants that will build mounds to nest in. If you happen to bother a mound of Allegheny ants then they will come towards you with the intention of biting you.

Asian Needle Ants

Unlike most stinging ants, the Asian Needle ant species will not congregate and move forward with an attack on the person disturbing their nest. However, if you happen to get stung by an individual Asian Needle ant, it can be quite painful.

Fire Ants

Fire ants have many different species, both domestic and foreign that are inhabiting the U.S. Rather than having one or two nests, these ants will produce multiple nests and mounds throughout a yard. Since their bites and stings are on the more aggressive side, an infestation could make your property a dangerous place to live.

Harvester Ants

Many people view fire ants as the most dangerous ants, but Harvester ants may take the first place award. If their nests are bothered, they will all leave to attack the perpetrator. Their stingers will detach from their bodies and remain in the skin of their victims. They also inject their victims with venom that can stay in the body for multiple weeks.

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