5 Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

Picture yourself sitting outside on your porch or patio, enjoying the sunset or the stars above you on a cool summer’s night. What’s one thing that can really ruin this experience for you? If your first thought was “mosquitoes,” then we have a few natural solutions for you (because a green solution is always the best kind)!


  • Say Goodbye to Water – Having a bottle of water next to you is fine; having an empty planter filled with rainwater is not. Any standing or pooled water will act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, you should empty any birdbaths and planters, fill any large holes in your lawn, and clear out your gutters.
  • Say Hello to Garlic – Dracula isn’t the only one that hates garlic — mosquitoes hate it too! Create a repellent spray by mixing one part garlic juice with five parts water. Consider also taking a garlic supplement to not only repel mosquitoes but to also help with your overall health!
  • Turn on the Bat Signal – Did you know a single bat can eat hundreds of insects in only one hour? So while you might not have a bat signal lying around, you can still put together or purchase a bat house. Hang your new bat house in a well-ventilated area, grab yourself some popcorn, and watch the show!
  • Grill ‘Em Up – Evening barbecues when the sun is beginning to go down is a when mosquitoes come out to play. Slide over your hamburgers and hot dogs to make some room for some fresh herbs — not to eat, but to repel! The essential oils in rosemary and sage will be released when burned, and they’ll act as a temporary repellent.
  • Switch Out Light Bulbs – Many different species of winged insects are attracted to light, mosquitoes included. However, these pests aren’t attracted to the light given off by LED light bulbs. By changing out old incandescent light bulbs for the LED variety, you’ll experience fewer pests (and more energy savings)!

While mosquitoes are one of the more annoying pests (even long after they’re gone), there are easy and natural ways to keep them away. When your home experiences any type of pest infestation, contact the pros at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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