Are There Dead Bugs in Your Ceiling Light Fixtures?

When was the last time you looked up at the lighting fixtures hanging from your ceiling?

Like anything else in your home, these fixtures need to be cleaned.

Because over time, they’ll become covered in and filled with dust, hair, debris, and — bugs!

Why Are There Bugs in My Light Fixtures?

In order for a ceiling fixture to be installed, wires need to be run through the ceiling. This requires holes to be made. These holes act as an entryway for bugs to enter your light fixture where they’ll eventually end up behind the cover.

Failure to escape (and possible heat) can lead to the death of these bugs. And now you have a bug graveyard you need to clean.

Cleaning Your Ceiling Light Fixtures

Step 1: Lay down a towel or drop cloth beneath the light fixture. This will help catch any dust and debris that might fall from the fixture as you’re cleaning it and removing any parts.

Step 2: Grab a small ladder and position it beneath the fixture, but a little offset so the fixture isn’t directly above your head. If this is a ceiling fan or a larger fixture, take some time to clean off the fan blades or edges of the fixtures. Once all of the sitting dust and debris has been removed from the exterior, you can move onto the domed cover.

Step 3: Most domed covers are usually held in place by a few screws, so take the time to remove these screws. Be careful as you remove the last screw to ensure the cover doesn’t fall and shatter beneath you. From here you’ll be able to look inside at all of the dust, debris, and dead bugs that are collecting here. (Gross, we know…)

Step 4: Begin cleaning this dome by emptying out as much of the debris and bugs as you can into the garbage. You can then begin spraying a cleaner into the cover — we prefer to use a water and white vinegar solution as it’s a great Green cleaner! Clean the entire cover and then allow it to fully dry before reinstalling.

Step 5: Before you reinstall the domed cover, wipe down the parts of the fixture that are covered by the dome with a duster. This is also a great time to replace the light bulb with an energy efficient LED and inspect the entire fixture for any damage. You can now reinstall the domed cover and you’re all set!

Don’t allow too many bugs to build up here, because there’s nothing less attractive than a light fixture where you can see the shadow of the dead…

If you find that your home has a serious bug problem, know that we deal with all kinds of infestations. Just give us a call and we’ll inspect your home to find the root of the problem!

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