Does Reducing Clutter Lower Your Chances for a Pest Infestation?

Take a look at your home.

Is it filled with stacks of magazines, mail, and paper? Boxes of junk scattered throughout the floor? Rooms filled with items you haven’t used in years?

If so, your chances of harboring a pest infestation greatly increase. However, if you take the time to reduce clutter in your home, your chances will significantly decrease.

Better get to cleaning!

Why Do Pests Love Clutter?

Pests are drawn to areas of clutter because it provides them with a safe source of shelter. Clutter can hide pests without them fearing for their safety, while also providing areas for them to eat and reproduce.

The most popular pests that enjoy cluttered areas include cockroaches, rodents, spiders, and silverfish — just to name a few!

Tips to Remove Clutter From Your Home/Business

  • Tackling an entire room to try and remove clutter can be an intimidating feat. Rather than doing everything all at once, work in short chunks of 30 minutes. Spreading these intervals across a few days will allow you to accomplish a lot without having to drive yourself crazy for an entire day.
  • Avoid storing belongings in cardboard boxes. Pests like cockroaches and rodents love to infest cardboard boxes. Instead, place all items in sealed plastic storage containers.
  • Do not stack storage containers on floors. Alleviate clutter by installing shelving units and placing all containers on these shelves.
  • Throw things away (and recycle) in the moment. There’s no need to put something down with the intention of removing it later. Touch it once and remove it from your life now!

It’s up to you to remove clutter from your home. But when it comes to the pests that infest your home — that’s a job you can delegate to us!

We’ll get a handle on any infestations you might have, and take the necessary steps to make sure they never return!

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