How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Pest-Proof Your Home

Every spring, homeowners roll up their sleeves to give their homes a thorough cleaning. Did you know that spring cleaning can also help your preventative pest control measures? Continue reading to find out how keeping your home clean can deter pests from entering your house this season.

Vacuum The Carpets

Small pests such as fleas and cockroaches are notorious for hiding in plain sight. In fact, these tiny pests could have burrowed into your carpets. Fortunately, vacuuming your carpets regularly can prevent these types of pest infestations. 

Clean Your Bed Linens 

Can you recall the last time you cleaned your bedding? If it has been longer than you would like to admit, it is time to wash and dry your bed linens. After all, the heat of the dryer could help get rid of any bed bugs that have hitchhiked their way onto your sheets. 

Keep Your Landscaping Tidy

When it comes to spring cleaning, remember to clean both the interior and exterior of your house. It is no secret that overgrown shrubbery provides rodents with the perfect place to set up shop. That is why it is imperative that you keep your landscaping tidy.

Have pests tried to call your house their new home this spring? If you can relate, turn to the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control for assistance. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count!

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