How to Avoid Becoming Infested with Termites


Living in a home that’s infested with termites is dangerous and expensive.

Rather than just hoping your home won’t get infested, take some preventive measures to make sure you can avoid termites altogether.

  • Keep an Eye Out – There are certain things you should always be looking for to make sure your home isn’t infested with termites. Look out for mud tubes, powder that looks like sawdust, and wood that looks rotted out.
  • Knock, Knock – Every once in awhile, walk around your home and start knocking on all of the wooden furniture and structures. Hopefully, no one is home inside of these structures. But you’ll instantly know if they are. Wood that has been compromised by termites will emit hollow sounds with each knock.
  • Did You Hear That? – The chances of you seeing termites aren’t very high, as they eat wood from the inside out. Put your ear up to any wooden structure to listen for termite activity. Check your wooden furniture, banisters, and flooring at night while the house is quiet.
  • Wood Storage – If you have excess wood from a remodeling project or firewood stacked near your home, move it at least 20 feet away. Termites can swarm outside and set up shop by this wood and eventually transfer to your actual house.
  • Inspection – If you think your home is infested with termites, or just want to play it safe, contact a professional pest management company immediately. Disturbing an active colony of termites can have costly consequences, so it’s always best to leave it to the pros.

Termites can cost you an obscene amount of money in damage and repairs, so try to keep them away before they unpack their bags.

When you need an inspection from the best pest management company around, you know which place to call… (If you don’t actually know who to call, it’s us…)

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