How to Keep Pests Away While Camping

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Explore the great outdoors and become one with nature this summer! Nothing can be more accomplishing and fun than going camping with friends and family. Before you finish packing the car, make sure you sit down and research some important camping tips — like how to keep pests away from your campsite.

Picking a Campsite
You’re in the wilderness so now it’s time to pick a place to set up camp. First things first, don’t set up too close to the water (if you’re by a lake) because many insects will follow the moisture. Once you’re further enough away from the water, choose an area where it is relatively clear of any tall grass, fallen trees, or piles of large rocks.

Taking Care of Your Body
Have you ever noticed that your body becomes a magnet for bugs after a long hike or run? That’s because many pests are attracted to your body heat and the moisture from your sweat. If you’re sweating too much, jump into a lake or wash yourself off. Stay away from scented toiletries and try to use deodorants and soaps without any added fragrances.

Hide the Food
There are more pests than just bugs and other insects; there are also mice, snakes, and other wildlife. If you’re going to bring large, sealable garbage bags you should always leave them away from your tent. Bring airtight containers for all of your food so there is no chance of attracting any animals. If you have a mouse or two squeaking around your campsite, know that snakes are likely to be following them.

Camping is a wonderful experience, but one should always be prepared in knowing how to keep pests away from their campsite. If you’re looking to try and keep pests away from your home as well, contact the pest management professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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