How to Properly Remove a Snake From Your Home


Seeing a snake as you walk across your yard or through the garage can be a terrifying feeling. These slithering pests are looking for a warm place to nest, so your home and property are a perfect environment for them. If you come across a snake all up in your personal business, here’s how to get rid of it.

Step 1: When you locate the snake, keep your distance but try and get a good look at it. Search its characteristics online to see if it’s poisonous or violent. If you’re too afraid to get close, call a pest control company immediately.

Step 2: Gather a broom, an empty garbage can, and a plastic sheet. Place the sheet onto the floor near the snake and use the broom to move the snake on top of it. Grab your garbage can and place it on top of the snake. From here you can flip the garbage can over, just make sure the sheet is still covering the opening of the can.

Step 3: Bring the garbage can towards a wooded area far away from your home and release it into the wild. Don’t just release it a few feet away from your yard because it can always find its way back.

Prevention Methods

  • Keep up on your lawn maintenance to make your property less desirable for snakes. Mow the lawn, cut down any standing vegetation, fill rodent burrow holes, and remove any surrounding debris on your property.
  • When snakes are common in your yard, leave out a snake trap with bait inside of it. Check on it once per day and remove it from your yard when a snake is present inside of it.
  • Do you ever see snakes on the edge of your property? Grab your house, point it at the snake, and open her up! The water pressure will intimidate the snakes, driving them away from their current hiding spots.

Removing a snake from your property can be tricky depending on the snake, especially if you’re deathly afraid of this animal. When you need a professional to remove the snake from your home or property, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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