Places Where Bed Bugs Love To Hide

Bed bugs have been known to hide in beds–hence the name! However, there are other places where bed bugs love to hide. Keep reading to find out what they are. 


You can find almost anything in a woman’s purse–apparently including bed bugs! When handbags are put on the floor or near a piece of furniture, bed bugs can easily make their way in and set up shop there. Bed bugs tend to hide in the pockets and seams of the purse. 

Stuffed Animals

Some children take their stuffed animals with them everywhere they go. This can expose the stuffed animal to bed bugs because they can burrow into their fur. Washing and drying these stuffed animals on the hot cycle can help keep them bed bug-free. 

Light Bulbs

Many people are surprised to find out that bed bugs can be found in fluorescent light bulbs. This is due to the fact that bed bugs can usually be found hiding in dark places. Nonetheless, bed bugs hide out in fluorescent light bulbs because they are small enough to sneak in. 

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