Rats in Your Home


Rats are disease ridden creatures that can compromise the cleanliness and structural soundness of a building. Learning more about the common rats that can infest your home or business is important in prevention and extermination. Of the many species of rats, there two that are commonly found throughout the U.S.

Norway Rat
This rat is large and in charge, weighing up to 18 ounces and being almost 16 inches in length. With coarse brown fur, the Norway rat makes its presence known by its sheer size as well as the size of its droppings — ¾-inch long!

Roof Rat
On the smaller side of the spectrum, the roof rat comes in a little slimmer at a maximum of 9 ounces in weight and 14 inches in length. With fur varying in different shades of black, the roof rat is definitely a sleeker species of rodent. The distinguishing characteristic of this rat is its long tail, with a length greater than its entire body and head combined.

Like most rodents, rats are nocturnal animals that will find a place to hide and sleep during the day. This is why many infestations will go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you suspect an infestation you should look out for a few key signs. Check for gnaw marks on wooden furniture and railings, droppings around the building, scratching noises in the middle of the night, and random piles of materials that resemble nests.

To combat these two popular species of rats, it is best to keep a clean home, fix any possible holes or cracks throughout the building, and call up your local pest control professionals. To learn more, give Knockout Pest Control a call at (800) 244-7378.

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