Spring Cleaning Hacks for a Pest-Free Home

Spring is in full bloom in New York, and for many homeowners, that means doing some seasonal cleaning and home improvement. Not only will your house benefit from a good cleaning and tune-up, but it can even help prevent common household pests! Here are a few spring cleaning tips to incorporate into your seasonal routine that’ll help reduce pests in your home, too.

Spring Cleaning Pest Control Hack #1: Declutter

Reducing the number of items in your home and organizing what you decide to keep are not only great ways to spring clean your space, but they can even help with potential pest issues. In general, the more clutter in your home, the more hiding places you’re creating for pests, some of which are tiny experts at hiding and can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Mice, for example, love nesting in undisturbed, closed spaces, which can include, say, boxes of toys on your basement floor that you haven’t touched in years. By going through the items in your home, donating or tossing out what you’re no longer using, and thoroughly organizing what’s left, you’re looking at a significantly reduced chance of pest hiding spots.

Spring Cleaning Pest Control Hack #2: Clean and Sanitize

Now for the “cleaning” part of spring cleaning—break out those cleaning supplies and really get your house clean! Wipe down countertops and surfaces throughout your home regularly (not just this once a year!), take out your trash and put it in a sealed outdoor bin, prevent dishes from piling up in the sink, sweep, vacuum, and mop regularly, and be mindful of where you leave food (airtight containers are best!) to really get and keep your home clean and deter pests year-round.

Spring Cleaning Pest Control Hack #3: Eliminate Moisture

Like humans, pests need a few essentials: food, shelter, and you guessed it—water. It’s possible your home may have a water leak or issue you don’t even know about, which is why it’s recommended to do regular checks of your home’s pipes and fixtures to ensure they’re in proper working order. Identifying and repairing any moisture-causing issues inside your home can help deter pests like ants and roaches from invading areas like your kitchen and bathrooms, while eliminating outdoor water sources, such as standing water in flowerpots or children’s toys in the yard, is key to preventing moisture-loving mosquitoes. Damp wood is a major cause for concern, too—if you notice moist wood or unexplainable damage to any wooden components of your home, it could be termite damage and you should get it checked out by a professional immediately. 

Spring Cleaning Pest Control Hack #4: Identify Vulnerabilities 

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be about cleaning—it’s also a great seasonal reminder to check your home for any needed repairs (after all, fixing up your house is a LOT more bearable in spring weather than during the winter!). Freezing winter temperatures, winds, and storms can lead to unexpected damage to your home, and while it may not create a gaping hole in your house, even surprisingly tiny cracks in your home’s exterior can serve as entry points for pests. A few areas you’ll want to check or have checked by a professional are your foundation, roof, window screens, weatherstripping, vents, and shingles—if anything seems out of place or in need of a replacement, be sure to address the issue to help minimize common household pests.

Spring Cleaning Pest Control Hack #5: Don’t Forget Your Yard

Finally, spring cleaning for pest prevention isn’t just for the inside of your home…your yard matters, too! You may already be planning your flowerpots and lawn-mowing schedule for the spring, but don’t forget to clean up any leftover winter leaves or debris, too. It’s also important to reconsider mulch, especially in close proximity to your house; it traps moisture and you guessed it—pests, which may find a way inside your nearby home. Another tip for your yard is to make sure your tree limbs are trimmed back, not touching your home. A long limb touching a window, for example, could easily serve as a roadway for a pest like ants to crawl right into your home.

Dealing With Spring Pests? We’ll Knock ‘Em Out

While these spring cleaning pest control hacks should help prevent many common household pest issues in your home this spring, the most effective way to keep spring pests at bay is with year-round pest control protection, backed by a team of trained experts. 

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