Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

You might’ve noticed some creepy crawlers and rodents sneaking through your home this past winter.

Now that it’s spring you should be seeing a whole new crop of pests making their way through your home.

If you’re looking to keep these spring and summertime pests out of your home, make sure you follow these tips.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Ants can become a serious issue, which is why the kitchen should be wiped down on a daily basis to remove any excess food crumbs or splashes of water.

You should also take the time to pull out appliances from against the wall so you can vacuum up crumbs you might’ve not seen.

The cabinets and pantry should also be cleaned out to remove any expired food and crumbs that could act as a welcome mat for pantry pests like the indianmeal moth and multiple species of beetles.

Beware of the Bathroom

Cockroaches and silverfish are two pests that LOVE to hang around the bathroom.


This room is always exposed to high levels of moisture which is the perfect environment for these pests. To prevent them from making this room their new home, always use the exhaust fan when showering (keep it on for 10 minutes afterward as well).

You should also inspect for leaks regularly around each faucet, shower head, and in the cabinet underneath the sink.

Discipline the Deck

While the deck attached to your home isn’t on the inside, pests that infest it can eventually make their way into the house. The deck is susceptible to being infested by termites, especially during the spring and early summer months.

Termites eat wood and your deck is the perfect meal! Decks should not be sitting atop of soil directly because a colony of termites underneath the soil can easily target this giant structure of wood.

Deck inspections should be done each spring to make sure termites are nowhere to be found.

Spring and summer brings a whole new set of seasonal pests that can make their way into your home, causing damage and spreading bacteria. When your home is infested by pests, don’t wait! Give us a call and we’ll be right around the corner, lacing up our big red gloves…

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