Spring Temperatures Mean Termites Are More Active—Take Them Out with Always Active® Sentricon

termite-swarm-wingedTermite swarm season is upon us. Winter seemed to end in our area overnight—we went from 40 degrees to high 70’s in less than a week’s time. The warm sun might feel good on the skin, but it also stimulates termite colonies to increase activity and to create new colonies. Now that termites are more active, you might want to look into Sentricon’s Always Active® way to combat them.

At Knockout Pest Control, Sentricon’s Always Active baiting system is at the center of how we protect your home from termite damage. The active ingredient kills the queen and kills the whole colony. Termites are attracted to Sentricon’s Always Active bait and even prefer it to wood. Unlike traditional invasive liquid treatments that dissipate over time, Sentricon’s Always Active lasts—five years or more—becoming the preferred feeding source as foraging termites leave chemical trails that tell other termites how to find the “food.” The Sentricon Always Active system eliminates the colony by ending the queen’s ability to breed and the entire colony’s ability to feed.

Sentricon’s Always Active system is the first and the only termite product to be awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It is part of how Knockout Pest Control has earned its reputation for green leadership.

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