Termite FAQs

Termites have always been regarded as a household pest, but is that it? Unfortunately, these pests are the king of all pests because of how bad the infestations can become. These insects will chew through all types of wood and destroy entire structures. It is important to learn about termites in order to find out if your home or business has an infestation. The sooner you discover one, the sooner you can go about managing the problem.

How Do You Detect an Infestation?
Termites can be seen when they swarm, flying around looking for a place to start feeding. When you suspect an infestation you will notice mud tubes, which are used to keep the surrounding area at a high moisture level. A lot of times a termite infestation can not be seen so a professional inspection is recommended.

How Do You Treat an Infestation?
It is next to impossible to exterminate a termite infestation without professional equipment and industry knowledge. That is why professional help should always be called on. Sentricon is a termite extermination system that experts will use and it will do the best job of removing termites from your home.

How Common is an Infestation?
There are a few factors that lead to a termite infestation. The more wood on your property and in your home, including shingles, siding, fencing, furniture, flooring, etc., the higher the chance that a swarm of termites will enter your property or home. The more moisture on your property, such as sprinklers hitting the home and fence, AC discharge, etc., will also increase your chances.

These pesky pests can chew through your entire home without you even knowing. It’s best to keep an eye out for certain warning signs, and if there are none then you should call a professional to complete an inspection. Holding off on a termite inspection will allow any possible termites to continue their work in destroying your home and property. Knockout Pest Control can help you exterminate and manage all termite infestations! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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