Termite Season Comes Early to New York and Long Island

It is termite swarming season in New York and Long Island. Here are some tips for dealing with termite problems.

Termite Swarms Spread Termite Infestations

Rain, followed by warm days, means termites from mature colonies are sprouting wings and taking flight to find new structures to infest. Take steps now to make sure your home or business doesn’t become a host to a new termite infestation. It makes sense to schedule a routine, preventative inspection now.

Termites spend most of their time underground and burrowed in wood. Moist soil, combined with the Sun’s warmth, spur secondary reproducers in a colony to grow wings and take flight to potentially become the queen of a new colony. A single swarm can have thousands of individual insects that may split to form dozens of new infestations.

What to Do to Deal with Termites—Eliminate the Colony and the Queen

termite-queenIf you see flying termites in your home, you definitely have a problem. Do not waste a moment in calling for help. If you see discarded wings, it is quite possible a swarm has entered your structure—or that you have a mature infestation that produced a new swarm. If you see swarms—cloud like formations of insects in your neighborhood, you may want to take preventative action. In all cases, Knockout Pest Control can conduct a free inspection and give you either peace of mind or an effective solution. Schedule an appointment online or call our toll-free number 800-244-7378.

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