What Mice Are Actually Doing in Your House

It’s well known that mice will attempt to enter your home, especially during the wintertime. You might catch a quick glimpse of a mouse as it scurries past you, but what do these little pests actually do whilst in your home?

1. Start Making Themselves at Home

As soon as mice enter your home, their first priority is to find an area where they can make their nest. In order to create this nest, mice will use anything lying around that they can get their paws and teeth on. Any type of paper or fabrics (newspapers, books, clothes, linens, etc.) can be used. Mice will shred them into small pieces and create a bushy, comfortable nest for them to “go home” to.

2. Going on the Hunt For Food & Water

While mice build their nests (and afterward), they’ll go on the hunt in search of food and water. It’s very important to always clean up after you’re done cooking and eating, by wiping up any crumbs or spills. You should also consider transferring any food products from their factory boxes to sealed, plastic containers. Factory packaging can be easily chewed through by those big chompers!

3. Reproducing (A Lot)

Mice are a species of pest that breed fast and consistently, so a few mice can turn into a massive infestation in no time at all. A single house mouse can reproduce roughly 60 mice in a single year. Now imagine if you have a few mice that can each have a few litters of their own? Limiting the amount of food, water, and space for them to nest will prevent mice from sticking around for too long — in addition to professional pest management services.

When mice enter your home, they have a set agenda already laid out in their little minds. If you currently have a mouse hiding in your home, or an entire infestation, remove them as soon as possible with the help of professional pest management services.

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