What to Do When You Find Wasps in the House


Seeing wasps outside of your house is never a good sight to see and you’re always wondering if they’re going to sting you. Nothing is worse — until you see these painful pests INSIDE of your home! When you find one in your home you should immediately begin looking for the nest.


Look for the Nest
Wasps don’t travel too far from their nests so it’s important to look for their home base. Check around your house near any eaves, beams, or open spaces. Popular spots include underneath a raised porch, under an eave of the roof, and in the attic. If you’re unsuccessful in finding the nest, take a look in nearby trees.

DIY Removal
Head to the store and purchase an insecticidal aerosol spray meant to remove wasp nests. Before you start applying this spray, make sure your entire body is covered with thick clothing and that you have goggles on. Carefully climb the ladder and spray the nest from a distance (don’t climb too high up because a wasp or two might come for you!) Let the spray sit overnight and come back to the nest in the morning. Knock down the nest with a long-handled stick and make a run for it just in case there’s any survivors left.

Professional Help
Removing a wasp nest can be a dangerous job. Whether you’re worried about getting stung or falling off a ladder, sometimes it’s best to leave this job to the pros. This can be especially dangerous if you or a family member happen to be allergic to wasp stings. Rather than risking injury, it pays to have a professional take care of the removal for you.

Finding a wasp in the house means that there is a nest dangerously close to your home and removal is necessary. When you need a professional to remove a wasp nest from your property, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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