Why Are There Earwigs in My House?

“Oh my, what kind of ugly bug is that!?”

That’s usually the reaction most people have when they see an earwig in their home.

But how did such an ugly bug get into your home? We’re glad you asked…

The Weather Conditions in Your Home Are Better

Earwigs like to live in a warm and moist environment. Therefore, if the weather gets too cold outside, earwigs will enter your home looking for warmth. On the other hand, if it’s hot and super dry outside, earwigs will also enter your home looking for a more moist environment.

Earwigs will most likely be found in basements, especially unfinished basements that have a higher humidity level and clutter to serve as their shelter. It’s also possible for earwigs to find their way into bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms with plumbing leaks or excessive moisture and heat that’s emitting from appliances.

You’ve Been Ignoring Home Maintenance

Seasonally (at the very least), you should be inspecting the exterior envelope of your home. Keep an eye out for holes, cracks, gaps, and breaks throughout the siding, doors, window frames, screens, vent covers, etc. A home filled with any of these is going to be prone to not just earwigs, but all types of pests!

For those homeowners that have been ignoring roof maintenance, you can find earwigs in your attic space if roof leaks and water damage are present. The damp and cluttered area of an attic that’s covered by a roof filled with leaks is like a vacation home for earwigs.

They Were Shipped to Your Home

Just like cockroaches from the factory, earwigs can also enter your home via packaged goods. When a facility has a pest infestation due to excessive moisture, lack of light, and an abundance of clutter, it’s easy for these pests to infest whatever is in the facility.

It’s possible YOU could have even brought them into your home! You can easily bring an infested box of items from the garage or shed that had one of these pests inhabiting it. Congratulations, you just delivered an infestation into your own home!

Earwigs are usually just a nuisance pest, but it’s important to remove an infestation as soon as one is discovered — as well as correcting the reason as to how they entered your home in the first place.

When you need professionals to manage your pest infestation, know that we’re always ready at a moment’s notice!

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