Why Insects Enter Your Home

Insects play a vital role in the environment’s ecosystem. With that being said, they are still called pests for a reason! Bugs always seem to make their way into homes, bothering those who live inside. Many different insects enter homes for many different reasons, but during the fall there’s one big reason: to keep warm!

Like birds, insects will head to warmer regions when the weather starts to get cooler. For the bugs that choose to stick around, it’s a life or death decision. A creepy crawler that stays in a colder climate will need to find a place to stay warm in order to survive. Otherwise, they will lay their eggs and perish to the great beyond.

Vinyl Siding is a favorite place for many insects to hide underneath. This siding material is well known for its insulation purposes not only by humans, but by insects as well. Setting up camp underneath siding will also protect them from the winter’s harsh weather.

Window Frames are also an entrance point for your new house guests. If you still haven’t taken out your window AC unit, then they can make their way through the creases and crevices. Even if you have a closed window, a poor sealing around the perimeter is a welcome sign for bugs.

When there’s one bug, there’s usually more to follow. Especially in the cold weather months, bugs will release pheromones to let others know about the warm haven they’ve just discovered. Make sure to pay close attention if you see an insect near an opening in your home. This may be the entrance point that they used to come inside.

While many bugs head south or west for winter, many stay put to try and tough out the winter. Your home is the perfect place for them to rest their legs — and some have more than you’d care to see! If you notice multiple bugs in your house throughout the fall or winter, you may have an infestation. Don’t panic! Take a deep breath, walk to the phone, and dial (800) 244-7378. Knockout Pest Control will take care of your pest problems, once and for all!

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