Why is the Need for Pest Control Growing Year After Year?

With the advancement in technology, you’d think there’d be a low chance of your home or business ever becoming infested with pests.

This isn’t the case, as there are other factors to consider.

Even though there are advances in the world of pest control, life always finds a way to surprise you!

Urban Populations Are Rising Fast

Populations across the country are steadily rising no matter where you are. However, it’s the major cities that are experiencing the most growth.

In urban areas (like New York City), you can expect a very dense population of people within a small radius, but more importantly — a very dense population of pests!

Some of the most common pests within a city like New York include bed bugs, rats, cockroaches, clothes moths, etc. The reason they thrive within the city limits is because when one infestation starts, it can easily spread to another home, business, apartment, or person due to how close every building and person is to the next.

With the increase in populations of people, comes the increase in populations of pests!

Resistance to Previous Pest Control Methods

When pests become a problem (hence the name “pests”), pest control methods are created to remove them from their current location or to kill them.

However, like most treatments, they can begin to lose their effect over time. When it comes to pest control, certain pests can begin to grow an immunity to pest control methods (or pesticides) that worked in the past.

  • For example, cockroaches can learn to not be drawn to the classic bait traps after the current infestation has been exposed to them for a decent period of time.
  • Or in the case of bed bugs, the previous pest control methods were banned from being used — as the effects of the pesticide also had hazardous health effects to the people exposed to them.

Calling When You Need Help

The truth is, pest infestations are always going to be a thing that home- and business-owners have to deal with. And unfortunately, there isn’t a way to stay pest-free without putting prevention practices in place before an infestation occurs.

Luckily, we can provide you with your best chance of preventing pests AND removing current infestations — just give us a ring and we’ll help you learn more about your options!

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