How to Identify Bats

Bats can be identified by a number of characteristics. First, bats have wings that are made of skin and hair. The wings are attached to their arms and hands, which they use to fly. Bats also have thick skin, large eyes, and long ears.

There are many different species of bats in New York. Two of the most common include the small brown bat and the large brown bat.


Small Brown Bats
Large Brown Bats


Besides seeing bats in your home or place of business, other telltale signs of a bat problem are seeing bat droppings around air conditioners, on the roof, in attics, down the siding, and next to a building’s foundation. If you see a one bat within a dwelling, you may have a colony of roosting bats living somewhere in the structure such as the attic, ductwork, a chimney, drop ceilings, or within gaps in an exterior wall.


Brown bats feed exclusively on large insects, like moths, Although these nocturnal animals are thought of as beneficial animals, they can impact the health and safety of people when they invade your home or place of business. Bats pose numerous risks to New York homeowners.

Fungus-Growing Feces

Their feces (a putrid substance called guano) can grow a fungus that can cause a lung condition called Histoplasmosis.

Attract Parasites

They attract parasitic insects like lice and mites.

Carriers of Bed Bugs

They are often carriers and often parasitic hosts to bedbugs (if you have a bat problem, you should get a bed bug inspection).

Carriers of Rabies

Bats are known carriers of rabies. Do not approach a bat or you risk a bite and having to endure a months-long series of painful rabies shots.


There are no home remedies for bat control that are legal or that have proven long-term success. Non-licensed use of pesticides is illegal in New York. Dead bats dying and decaying within your walls will create foul odors and attract flies, maggots, and other pests. You need a professional trained to identify the scope of the problem and the sources of entry. Knockout’s team of licensed professionals are licensed and trained to use specialized traps to collect the bats and properly seal off areas of access. Our technicians have the proper gear to get to hard-to-reach locations. We are also insured for this type of work.

Knockout Pest Control is your local expert at knocking out bat problems—and we keep them down for the count. Every member of our team receives over 100 hours of classroom instruction and in-the-field training so you are guaranteed a knock out punch to your pest problem every time.

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