How to Identify Silverfish

Silverfish are fast-moving furtive pests that can cause significant damage. These slithery bugs like to hide in dark places and feast on books, paper, wallpaper, clothing, holiday decorations, glues, and starches, plus dry foods like cereal, pasta, flour, and pet food. They can slip into your home through cracks and hitchhike in on firewood, lumber, in boxes, and supplies like wallboard from the hardware store. Firebrats are a different insect, slightly smaller than a Silverfish, and can cause similar damage.

Silverfish, (Lepisma Saccharina), are shiny, silvery insects that are between 1/2 inch long to 3/4 inch long. Firebrats, (Thermobia Domestica), have ½ inch gray to brown bodies. Both are skinny and wingless with three long tails. These insects are hardy, with a lifespan that can reach 3 years. They can go days to months without eating and survive temperatures from freezing up to 100 degrees F.

Common House Spider


Though they can survive temperature extremes, they prefer dark, warm and damp conditions. The kitchen is a common infestation area around appliances and in dark cupboards. You can also find them in attics and basements where there is moisture and warmth. Because they do eat clothes, you can also find them in laundry rooms and closets. When people find Silverfish and Firebrats in the sink or bathtub, it is most likely that they fell from a wall and did not come up from the drain.


Silverfish infestations can be a risk on Long Island, NY, as these pests are attracted to warm, humid environments and can enter homes through small cracks and crevices. If left unchecked, a silverfish infestation can become a nuisance and pose a number of risks.

Health Risk

While silverfish do not pose a direct health risk to humans, they can contaminate food and other household items with their feces

Property Damage

Silverfish can chew through paper, fabric, and other materials, which can lead to damage to books, clothing, and other household items.


Silverfish can be a nuisance, especially if they are found in areas where they may come into contact with humans, such as bedrooms or living rooms

Loss of Property Value

A silverfish infestation can lower the value of your home if not properly addressed.


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